About Compassionate Dorset

Compassionate Dorset are a small independent community animal welfare group. We also act as the local voluntary supporter group for the leading farm animal welfare charity Compassion in World Farming* – the only major charity dedicated solely to ending factory farming and advancing farm animal welfare.

We believe that all animals are sentient beings who deserve to be treated with respect and compassion, and that factory farming is the single biggest cause of animal cruelty and environmental destruction, in the UK and worldwide.

Factory farming doesn’t just affect farm animals either. The use of pesticides, growth of intensive farming and industrial fish farming, along with deforestation to grow food to feed animals for meat, is also polluting our land, oceans and inland waterways, and causing a decline in our UK and world wildlife.

We were founded in November 2009 by Ethical Designer Anna Celeste Watson with Dietitian and Baker Sandra Hood, and we soon found lots of other local volunteers who shared our compassion for animals. Although our founders and many of our volunteers are vegan, and are very happy to see a clear rise in the understanding and popularity of veganism, we believe that Compassion in World Farming’s work to influence food producers, supermarkets and lobbying governments, is vital to create a more compassionate world for the billions of animals who still continue to be farmed for food worldwide right now, and to help our wildlife and planet today too (alongside promoting the many benefits of a plant based diet).

We especially support the following Compassion in World Farming campaigns:

  • END THE CAGE AGE (to end factory farming)
  • BAN FOIE GRAS (currently still imported into the UK including Dorset)
  • STOP THE MACHINE (to help wildlife faced with extinction because of factory farming in the UK and worldwide)

Our group’s main aim is therefore to help end factory farming by empowering local consumers to make a more informed choice so they can make a difference for animals, people and our planet – simply through our everyday food shopping choices – from eating less, but higher welfare meat and dairy – to going meat-free or vegan.

“Thank you for making a difference”
Since 2009 the people of Dorset have helped Compassionate Dorset to raise over £4,000 at local events to help Compassion in World Farming improve the lives of animals who are still farmed for food – here in the UK, and worldwide.

Our group take part in several local events every year where you can talk to our volunteers to find out more, sign the latest farm animal welfare petitions and pick up lots of free information, meat-free and vegan recipes and copies of our new Compassionate Food Guide (which you can download below). We also have lots more advice on how to choose compassionate food online here.

Watch this space for our new vegan-friendly recipes booklet coming soon in 2020…

Compassionate Dorset support the following organisations:

Because we are an independent local community group, we also support other animal welfare organisations* – because we believe that ALL animals matter.


NEW! FREE Compassionate Food Guide

Compassionate Dorset have created a FREE handy wallet sized Compassionate Food Guide collaborating with Compassion in World Farming – to help you understand what your food labels mean when you shop for meat or dairy. It is packed with animal facts plus tips to help you eat less, but higher welfare meat and dairy, through to trying more vegan options – to help create a kinder and more sustainable food system.


If you would like to request some printed guides to distribute at a local shop, cafe or event, please email us at: info@compassionatedorset.co.uk

*PLEASE NOTE: Compassionate Dorset are NOT a registered charity and are only affiliated to other charities as local supporters, including for Compassion in World Farming who are NOT accountable for the content of this website, or the actions of our group. Our support for any other charity or cause is NOT an indication that Compassion in World Farming also support such a charity or cause.