Compassionate Dorset launch new Compassionate Food Guide

Local voluntary animal welfare group Compassionate Dorset have created a brand new FREE handy wallet sized Compassionate Food Guide collaborating with Compassion in World Farming – to help you understand what your food labels mean when you shop for meat or dairy. It is packed with animal facts plus tips to help you eat less, but higher welfare meat and dairy, through to trying more vegan options – to help create a kinder and more sustainable food system.

Launching in February 2018, you can visit us at one of our events to pick up your free copies for yourself, friends and family, or download online below.

To celebrate our new food guide, we have also launched a brand new website right here, where you can find out even more about where your food comes, how our food production affects farm animals, local and world wildlife, as well as our food’s impact on people and our planet. Plus we have lots more tips on how to choose compassionate food here.



NEW! FREE Compassionate Food Guide


Our FREE Compassionate Food Guide has been designed to help you shop for free-range and higher welfare meat and dairy, and to choose more meat-free and vegan options – for the benefit of farm animals, wildlife, people & our planet.


If you would like to request some printed guides to distribute at a local shop, cafe or event, please email us at:



Compassionate Dorset

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Compassionate Dorset are a small animal welfare group run completely by volunteers. We believe in a world without factory farming, where all animals are treated with respect and compassion.

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