Join the Dorset campaign to ban foie gras

Compassionate Dorset are calling for local consumers and businesses to boycott foie gras!

Foie gras is considered to be a ‘delicacy’ but is actually the diseased liver from force-fed ducks or geese. These birds spend their life in battery cages and have a large metal tube rammed down their throats 2 to 3 times a day. A million birds die prematurely on French farms during force feeding every year.

Often nickhamed ‘torture in a tin’, foie gras is illegal to produce in the UK as it is so inhumane, but sadly it can still currently be imported, usually from France.

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Compassionate Dorset believe in a world without factory farming, where animals are treated with respect and compassion. We believe foie gras is cruel and unnecessary, and simply has no place in the 21st century.


Take Action

If you find any shops, cafes or restaurants selling foie gras here in Dorset or nearby – please politely ask them to remove it, and let us know by emailing

Our friends at Animal Aid West Dorset have been actively campaigning to expose local eateries still serving foie gras. Look out for their information stalls in Dorchester town centre on some Saturday mornings – to sign their current petition asking Dorset businesses to ban foie gras, for good.

Compassionate Dorset

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Compassionate Dorset are a small animal welfare group run completely by volunteers. We believe in a world without factory farming, where all animals are treated with respect and compassion.

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