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Compassionate Dorset is run completely by volunteers and our events are mostly in Dorchester, Dorset. We are a friendly team who welcome people of all diets – all we ask is that you respect everyone’s right to make their own ethical choices, but are united in our mission to help end factory farming.

We are always looking for more volunteers to help us plan events or just to spare a few hours every now and then to lend a hand manning stalls or at our street collections or vegan-friendly cake sales. We would also love more volunteers to help us spread compassion further afield throughout the whole of Dorset – including Bridport, Sherborne, Shaftesbury, Poole and Bournemouth.

Our activities include:

  • Stalls at local events to raise awareness and/or funds – such as county shows, festivals, arts and craft fairs, and eco fairs around Dorset – including the infamous Tolpuddle Festival.
  • ‘Bake With Compassion’ vegan-friendly cake sales – our popular cake sales are usually in Dorchester town centre and are a great way to raise awareness. They can raise anywhere between £50 – £250 for Compassion in World Farming!
  • Street Collections are a simple way to raise money for Compassion in World Farming – if you would like to collect in your area and need some volunteers to support you, or help organising materials, please just let us know below.
  • Awareness raising days & leafleting – including for the ‘Stop Live Transport Day of Action’ where we hand out information or ask people to sign the latest petition/s.
  • Film Nights – we would love more volunteers to help us host our own charity film nights. We have shown 3 movies so far; Pig Business, The Moo Man and Cowspiracy which raised over £300 – £400 each for Compassionate Dorset / Compassion in World Farming. In 2017 we also had an information stall at a film screening of A Plastic Ocean hosted by Creative Dynamo Ecotainment.
  • Talks & Workshops – our vegan co-founder Sandra Hood and fellow Dietitian Sarah Smith ran a Nutritional Cooking for Health & Vitality Workshop which raised over £144 for Compassionate Dorset /Compassion in World Farming, and Heidi Stephenson’s How to Write a Novel Creative Writing Workshop raised over £300 for Compassion in World Farming. We would love to host more! Sandra was also invited to give a free talk to the Dorset Humanists exploring the ethics of what we eat. Please let us know if you can help us organise a talk or workshop here in Dorset.
  • Picnics – in July 2010 we held our own ‘Big Lunch’ picnic in Dorchester Borough Gardens which raised over £300 for Compassion in World Farming and we would love people to organise their own ‘Big Lunch’ or even a mini ‘Cow Fest’ in aid of Compassionate Dorset!
  • Group Socials – Compassionate Dorset volunteers sometimes get together to meet new volunteers and catch-up. We usually meet in a Dorset cafe, restaurant or at a volunteer’s home for a shared (meat-free) meal or BBQ (which usually includes Sandra’s legendary vegan chocolate cake!!!).


Other ways to get involved:

  • Host Your Own ‘Bake With Compassion’ event – one of our previous volunteers Sophie Collins hosted her own ‘Come Dine With Me’ style dinner party for her friends to raise awareness and donations for Compassion in World Farming. You can also simply bake your own cakes for your family or friends at college or work, using higher-welfare, free-range or vegan ingredients, and ask people to make donations! Just let us know if you would like any recipes, tips or printed materials.
  • Distribute our new Compassionate Food Guides – if you know own or know a local shop, cafe or event who would be happy to display our free new wallet sized guides, please email us at:
  • Hand out flyers in town or at other events you may be attending such as festivals is a simple way to help raise awareness! As always, just let us know if you would like us to send you any materials or call out for volunteers to support you.
  • Put up an information display or stall – anyone can set-up a display or information table at your local library, college, work or at supermarkets like the Co-op. Just let us know if you would like us to send you any materials or if you need a helping hand! Volunteers are also invited to set up info stalls in your local town centre for information and petitions. You don’t usually have to ask permission to do so, although if you want to collect donations you will need to arrange a street collection permit with your local authority and it must be for a registered charity like Compassion in World Farming. Any help or advice – please just ask us.
  • Organise a charity collection or bag packing day in your local supermarket – we would absolutely love for people to organise a collection or leafleting in your local supermarket. Waitrose and the Co-op are usually very supportive of charities. We even have some supercute fluffy cow and pig costumes that Compassionate Dorset volunteers are very welcome to borrow! Please do let us know if this is something you could like to get involved with.
  • Do a sponsored event for farm animals – sponsored events are a great way to challenge yourself and raise awareness and funds for animals at the same time! In October 2013 Compassionate Dorset supporter Paul Fairman ran the first ever Bournemouth Marathon and raised £268 for Compassion in World Farming and a further £285 in 2014 in the London Triathlon. Our co-founder Sandra Hood ran the legendary London Marathon in 2011 and raised an incredible £1,400 for Compassion in World Farming. We would love to have a group Walk With Compassion so please let us know if you want to help make it happen!
  • Donate or ask local companies for raffle prizes or giveaways – raffles or tombolas are a fantastic way to raise donations for Compassionate Dorset and other animal welfare charities at events. All donations welcome!
  • Nominate Compassionate Dorset for Waitrose Community Matters – In May 2016 Compassionate Dorset were awarded an amazing £360 from the Dorchester branch of Waitrose for their Community Matters scheme, which helped us to pay for printing of new stock which helped us raise further funds and awareness for animals. Anyone can nominate us again as many times as you like in any local Waitrose, and if we are a successful candidate customers can donate their little green tokens to us for a month. Just pop into your local branch and pick up a Community Matters nomination form.
  • Help us get into more local events – do you know anyone who organises a local event where we could get a free or discounted stall?
  • Raise donations through EasyFundraising for CIWF when you shop online – You can collect free donations for Compassion in World Farming every time you buy something online at many online retailers including Amazon. It won’t cost you a penny extra and is a fantastic way to help the charity raise extra funds! So far supporters have raised over £1,700 for Compassion in World Farming and counting. Join easyfundraising today.
  • Perhaps you have other skills or local contacts that could be useful to help Compassionate Dorset raise our profile and spread even more awareness to help animals? If so, we would love to hear from you – all ideas welcome!

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